• VR The Diner Duo is developed for the HTC Vive.
  • The game might work with other VR-consoles, but isn't optimized for it yet. (e.g Oculus Touch.)


  • You need controllers for your VR-headset
  • For multiplayer you can play on the PC using the keyboard or a connected regular controller.

Who plays?

  • The chef is played in VR.
  • The waiter is played on the same PC as the VR-headset is connected to (called local multiplayer)

  • Play with headphones in VR and connect a microphone for the waiter to talk in. You will hear them in your headphones. This is recommended for the best experience possible.

  • Play with regular speakers in the room. You and the waiter will hear the same sounds and can talk normally between each other.



  • You need a computer powerful enough to manage a HTC Vive.