CEO - Programmer - Designer

Favorite games are Portal and Super Smash Brothers. I love creating my own games and have know this will be my profession since I was 3 years old and adored games on N64.


Graphical Artist - Musician

My favorite games are Dungeon Defenders and Minecraft. I am creative and I love games, so i thought: "Why not combine them and become a game developer?"

Our Mission

We want to deliver a hectic, fun and communicative game!
VR The Diner Duo is designed to fit both experienced players, with really hectic and strategic thinking on the upper levels, and inexperienced players - whether it's a child or friend, it is easy to learn how to play due to the every day movement gameplay.

We have an including development strategy. E.g you can adjust the hight of the kitchen in VR to match yours. This makes the game available for both tall and short people. We do not work with gender stereotypes in regards to how the customers look or what customization you can choose from. We try not to follow the norms of the society. We know today that the norm is to eat meat, however we have added a vegan alternative to the meny. This is to normalize and raise awareness of other options then you normally are used to.

If you want to be successful in this world,
you have to follow your passion, not your paycheck.
— Jen Welter, NFL'S first female choach


What do we have and what do we want in our team?

  • Devotion - new ideas matters, and if you care about your game and want to improve it - new ideas will always arise.
  • Humanity - understanding other peoples needs and differences is important. Both in the games and outside of them. 
  • Acceptance - We might not always agree in our team, with our fans or with the community. The important is that we accept that and move on together, since we are heading towards the same goal in the end.
  • Passion - when we started no one saw our passion as qualification. We believe the passion is inevitable for the development.
  • Responsibility - we are working freely, no schedule or obligatory mornings. We believe in our team and that they do what they are supposed to.
  • Broad knowledge - both of us can do various things in the game development field. Knowing a bit of everything is highly valued in a small team.